Happy Days

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Inspiration

There were a number of things that led me to be inspired to make a new blogsite and don a new name. It's not because I'm egotistacle like the Fonz from Happy Days - any ego I had has been beaten out of me by all the wonderful women I know. Actually, I don't even recall having ever seen Happy Days. All I know is that two good things came out of the show; Ron Howard, who is in my opinion the best director of our time, and the snap, which the Fonz used to get certain peoples attention. It's still debatable if the second good thing is really a good thing at all, though.

Part of the inspiration came from the Contra Dance Formal that took place about a month ago. We were all sitting around a nice cozy fireplace, which probably would have been even cozier if we actually had a fire in the fireplace. The gentlemen were being nice by sitting around having good conversation and the ladies were being nicer by grabbing plates of cookies and offering them to the gentlemen. I ate my first cookie and enjoyed it thoroughly, so I decided that I wanted another. A particular sophomore named Amy was holding a plateful of the cookies I wanted was conveniently standing directly across from me about five paces away. I quickly made eye contact with her and made a snap of my fingers. Her reaction was priceless; I don't know if I've ever seen a more pleasant, scandalized look in my life. Her features were perfect. If her features were purely pleasant in reaction to the snap, then I probably would have been a little wierded out. Likewise, if her features showed that she was purely scandalized, I might have been afraid for my own well-being. The men took on an odd mix of chagrin and satisfaction at this sight. Amy's look gave me incentive to see how other girls would react.

Another part of the inspiration, then, was the various looks girls would give me after a guy would whisper, "Hey Larry, snap your finger and see what she does." I didn't feel like I was being "used" by the guys for their own pleasure when they told me to do this because I got a great deal of pleasure from it too. I simply understand that some guys don't have the guts it takes to receive a death glare from a girl for a simple snap of the finger. Now that I think about it, though, guys probably shouldn't have the guts that it takes to do something like that.

The last part of the inspiration came Christmas Eve when opening presents from the family (presents from Santa Clause get opened Christmas morning). I had tried on a leather coat once and absolutely hated the way it looked on me, so naturally I thought I wouldn't look good in any leather coats. I got a leather coat for Christmas and really really liked it, which did a couple of things. First, it made me realize that I now looked like the Fonz and therefore can play the role of the Fonz much easier. Second, it gave me an idea for a blog and user name. And hence, a new blog.


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